Biddy Tarot

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Am

Which tarot card are you?
Message Reading for Autumn/Winter.
Spritual connection. Empathy. Balance. Karma.
Now is the time to expand your horizons.
To open your heart centre, reach out and embrace, invoke and invite others into your world.
The spiritual connection is the story of the human family.
No man is an island, were are all connected, interconnected and intrinsicaly tied up together.
YOU are an important part of a bigger picutre.
and now is the time to reach out to others.
To invite the positive energy of those around you into your life.
There is a need now to draw new people into your life.
If you are looking for new love, new friends or new experiences you must begin by inviting others into your world.
Be open to stepping out of your comfort zones.
Listen to where your own guides and intuition direct you.
open your heart centre.
If we all reach out and take anothers hand the magic begins!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The most important of all things to believe in is
Do you feel life is a spiritual experience?
Do you believe in the power of positive energy?
Do you believe in the power of intention?
Are you learning to create your own reality?
Do you believe in following guidance?
Do you believe the most important thing is Unconditional Love?
Do you believe you are here for a reason?
Do you believe there is more to life than is obvious?