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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


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LATEST ACEO a coloured pencil cat

Friday, May 19, 2006

Latest ACEO ooak watercolor Geisha with Fan

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Here is my latest ACEO available here on ebay
Geisha with fan

Bound Bones Mail art.
Here is a postcard i received from Richard sears in Canada.
For the Archetypes and symbols mail art call...
Please email me if you would like to send me some mail art and i will post it here in my blog.

ACEO original By Jan.
lucky Maneki Neko. Faerie Love cat.

2.5 x 3.5inches in size

Created on white smooth bristol board.
An original acrylic painting
by Jan Robson

Available on ebay
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Maneki cat

meet...lucky Maneki Neko. Faerie Love cat.. The FIRST in a series of Maneki neko cats.

Maneki Neko -- The Legend

This is the legend of the Maneki Neko:

In the 17th century, there was a rundown and poverty-stricken temple in Tokyo. The temple's priest was very poor, but he shared what little food he had with his pet cat, Tama.

One day, a wealthy and important man was caught in a storm while hunting and he took refuge under a big tree near the temple. While he waited for the storm to pass, the man noticed a cat beckoning him to come inside the temple gate. This was so startling that he left the shelter of the tree to have a closer look at this unusual cat. At that moment, the tree was struck by lighting.

As a result, the wealthy man became friends with the poor priest, and the temple became prosperous. The priest and his cat never went hungry again.

When Tama died he was buried in the Goutokuji Temple's cat cemetery with respect and love, and the Maneki Neko was made in honor of him. A Maneki Neko in your place of business, your home or on your website is said to bring in good luck and visitors.

Maneki Neko is Japanese for "beckoning cat." The message he's holding says "Please come in. You are welcome!" and he is beckoning you with his paw . (In Japan, the gesture of beckoning is pretty much the reverse of the gesture used in the West.)

Whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, he's a cute little cat with a gracious message, and he does brighten up a home

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Here is a lovely Handmade postcard i recieved this week from Kate Weber, from springfield in the USA.
A beautiful macaw...i just love it! so Thank you Kate :)
If anyone else wants to send me some mail art please email me.

Here is my lates ACEO listed for sale on ebay....with a low starting price..available here
The world cup bear

meet...The world cup bear (lucky mascot). The FIRST in a series.

The 1966 world cup bear was created to celebrate and hopefully bring some luck to this years chances for England in the world cup. Complete with george cross and his England shirt he's ready for anything but he especially likes to score the winning goals. (dig those footballers legs) Pick teddy for your first team and make his dreams come true.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Here is my latest ACEO. This one is the second in my Santeria series and hopefuly there are more to come in this paticular line of aceo cards.
This one is entitled The VOODOO LOVE DOLL. and is available for sale on ebay
Voodoo love doll