Biddy Tarot

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

created using coloured pencils
Back to the ACEO's
I havent listed any aceo's for ages on ebay but i have submitted this one along with another two the the ACEO magazine for entry into the food aceo's contest
I would love to win as it would afford a free subscription to their wonderful magazine

I am still trying so hard to master those colored pencil techniques.
This one was done using transparent layering gradiation techniques and burnishing.
I also used the complementary colours for the shadow and shaded areas.
I quite like the look of the petals as they do appear to curve and in the real the whole thing turned out very vibrant and seemed to POP off the paper
Got to draw some more of these it was so much fun

Hi everyone it's been such a long time since i posted here on my blog, I thought i better get some new stuff uploaded.
I have still been creating ACEO's and artists trading cards but have also been concentrating on larger size art of late.
Here are some of my larger drawings a portrait in graphite pencil.