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Monday, October 10, 2005

Love Yourself Exercises
by Joan Sotkin

Love Yourself Exercise #1:
At least once a day, look in the mirror, directly into your eyes, and say, "I love you (your name), just the way you are!" Repeat this a few times and try to feel the feelings in your heart. You may feel weepy or want to cry. That's fine. Cry if you can. Try to conjure up feelings of love in your heart as you say, "I love you!"

Love Yourself Exercise #2:
Stand naked in front of a mirror. Look at your body and see how you feel about it. Do you like the way it looks or do you wish you looked differently than you do? Are you proud of your body or are you ashamed of it? Listen to your inner dialogue as you look at your body. Don't try to change your thoughts, just listen.

Love Yourself Exercise #3:
Stroke your body (arms, legs, torso) and tell it how much you love it. Apologize for feeding it junk (if you do) and for hurting it the way you have. Apologize for feeling ashamed of it.

Tell your body you love it and that you are trying to accept it exactly the way it is.

Love Yourself Exercise #4:
Anytime during the day that you think of it, say to yourself, "I unconditionally love and accept myself, just the way I am."

You may feel silly or uncomfortable when you first start doing these exercises. Give it time.

These exercises are effective, and as your subconscious begins to believe that you are loved and worthy of love, you'll create more income. After all, the way people show their love in business is by handing each other money!

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