Biddy Tarot

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I was shopping in the cornmill centre. In Darlington, Co. Durham. On January the 9th.
When I felt the need to use the ladies, situated downstairs in the mall.

I entered the second cubicle and with a glance noticed a small business type card, jutting out from behind the advertising sign bolted to the back of the toilet door. It had a splash of red and a website address on it.

Being a curious cat (Often my downfall) I was intrigued to find out more so pocketed it and went about my day. So I was quite surprised to find it lead me to the website detailing the account of Darlingtons very own VAMPIRE! ( is Rufus a real vampire or just a figment of Franks fertile mind is a question I have to ask) either way an intriguing and unusual way to get someone's attention.

Anyway you to are invited to Rufus Hobster's site to make YOUR own mind up about wether he is real or ficticious click the picture above or see the link at the right hand side..

Finally is Rufus Hobster GOOD or BAD, you decide, well you get to vote in the poll so get off the fence and take a peek into the world of a REAL vampire?


Anonymous said...

wow i checked this site out and it really is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Rufus Hobster site is fantastic, who cares whether its real or ficticious, its brill anyway. By the way Jan I love your picture of the cat and the eye