Biddy Tarot

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A pain in the neck
quite literally.

and no crafting for me today..(sigh)
due to a particulary  bad flare up of my cervical spondylosis i am in a bit of pain today and have lost the mobility in my neck and upper back..I tried making an atc this morning for a swap i am hoping to join over at,
addicted to atc's
but had to abandon it half way through due to the pain..i wasn't very happy with it either..
I am also really struggling with the theme too...i just simply have not got a clue..unless i make another 3 similar to my dress it up swap..maybe?
anyway luckily i have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow.
anyway SORRY for the moan.
at least i can still surf a little and check out all the lovely cards you ladies create


Michelle said...

Aww hun!! I hope the pain goes quickly! Pain is horrible at the best of times, but when it interferes with crafting...!! So wrong!! Feel better soon xxx

Deborah said...

Sorry to find out about the physical problems you have been having. I get pinched nerves sometimes too myself. I would love to do a swap with you. Yours are lovely especially the ones with the dresses and the sequins below. So cool!