Biddy Tarot

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Still feeling Cat crazy i have created some more cats which IS available on ebay NOW.
Ebay link The CAT

More to come soon in the form of The witches Black cat and The black Faerie cat..i will get pics posted on here as soon as i get them sorted and uploaded to my


oziskin said...

That looks so different from anything I've seen from you - and I really like it! He seems so innocent - "The black Faerie cat" gets me curious - I wonder what it'll look like :)

steve said...

Nice close up here. Your cats are adorable and definitely do posess a sense of innocence. Great work!

TeAnne said...

Hello Jan, thanks for coming to my blog and your nice comment.
I also love your kittys, so fresh and unique :)

HARDWAX said...

I love your cats.